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Clear language | distinctive style

Welcome to STOCK4B, the image and production agency, headquartered in Munich. With around 60 photographers, we cover the fields of business, lifestyle, education, generations, sports, objects and health. But we do it differently. With images that have something to say. Our own, special STOCK4B style. Seeing, feeling, dreaming, thinking.

» visibly original

Young. Modern. Innovative. Hungry and curious. New and exciting. Our images are like we are. STOCK4B, founded in Munich in 2000; a small, creative team with exacting demands. And fresh ideas. What's next? Something new. Always.

» visibly distinctive

An image is an image, or is it? THE image is different. We have a unique style. Measured in photographic craft, statement, modernity. Always living up to our exacting demands. Always candid and credible. Because shortcomings are not overlooked. But strengths are instantaneous.

» visibly composed

National and international photographers, renowned, decorated and talented, work for us. With us. On thousands of STOCK4B images every year. The absolute musts are: strong art direction, good casting, modern locations, fresh styling, rigorous editing, lots of lifeblood. The result is: from the eye to the heart to the memory. Images can achieve a lot. If you know how.

» visibly clear

STOCK4B images are lucid, straightforward and cleared for use. All releases are already on file. No problems with personal or ownership rights, since we've got them all covered. And we'll also be happy to find out whether your customer can have an exclusive on an image. Quickly, and without cost. At STOCK4B that's a matter of good form – and part of the big picture.

» visibly easy

Two locations. STOCK4B Munich and New York. And everywhere else, you'll find our images: represented by numerous partner agencies and agents world-wide. Anything we don't already have can be arranged. A photo shoot tailored to your needs – just get in touch with us. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

visibly different » STOCK4B